Rental Info

We love when the building is comes to life! Consider your next meeting, get together , training, or family celebration at Bronx. Our photo gallery offers a quick peek at the spaces that are available. We play host to birthday parties, family gatherings , showers, meetings, training events, workshops, arts and crafts, gatherings, excercise classes, seasonal parties,club & community meetings and so much more!

Please feel free to read our Facility Rental Frequently Asked Questions for more information about our rentals.

We suggest taking a look at the website, or contact the facility manager about the best times to view the space. When calling to inquire about a booking, please note:

  • Choose which room you are interested in booking
  • A complete list of all our room rental prices can be found by clicking here
  • The date of the event/gathering
  • The number of people
  • The time frame you would like to book

We do our best to accommodate your needs. Knowing this information prior to calling will help us plan along with you to make your event a success! To secure the date, we will email you a contract. We ask that you review, sign, and return the contract with payment prior to the day of the event. This contract outlines your responsibilities, deposit information required to secure the booking.

Please email us by clicking here to book your next gathering. Unfortunately, we are unable to secure any space until we receive your deposit. Any outstanding balance is due the first day of your event. If the rental is less than $200.00 we require payment in full. We charge GST on all rentals.

If you have any questions that have not been answered or would like to book a room, please email the Facility Manager by clicking here.