Outdoor Soccer


U4- U6 - $100
U7 & U8 - $150
U9 – U18 - $275

2018 Outdoor Soccer Registration

March 5th 630-8pm
March 7th 630-8 pm
March 10th from 11am-1pm

Uniform fees are refundable and administered by the teams’ coach. Financial assistance is available. Please contact the convener. Refunds in full prior to the start of the season less a $20 administration fee. Once the season has commenced, a graduated refund will be returned plus costs for tryouts or clinics. After 3 games, no refund will be issued.


Bronx administers its programs in accordance with guidelines recommended from Soccer Canada, the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association, and Manitoba Soccer Association and in conjunction with the North East District of Winnipeg. Up to and including the age of 6, Bronx runs its soccer program complete autonomously, and in accordance with WYSA. In ages 7 & up, Phoenix Soccer club is the organizing partner in this recreational program. They schedule league matches and referees, run clinics for referees and coaches, gather conveners on a regular basis and host an annual tournament. Individual clubs are responsible for organizing their teams. Bronx is a volunteer based organization at all levels, from coaches to conveners. We welcome your help, and ask for your continued support and encouragement as we strive to provide best practice programming for the benefits of our young people, our families and our community.


Soccer season is starting now! Help your (or someone else’s) child or grandchild to have a great soccer season this spring.

  • Help is required immediately with registration, coaching and other program maintenance items.
  • Parents of children registered get a partial rebate on their registration fees (Yay!) This is our community. These are our kids. Find out how awesome they are and let them see how awesome our community is.

Please contact us via email by click here or by calling 204-667-5731.


Due to the overwhelming cost of rebating volunteers and the time demand involved in coordinating it all, Bronx is cutting back on volunteer option opportunities. We no longer offer opportunities to work at bingo or the hockey canteen. Anybody who works as a coach or convenor or manager or anything of that nature is eligible for a partial rebate of their fees upon completion of their duties. The amount is under review but will not be less than rates set last year. Full fee amount is due at time of registration and rebates will be issued upon completion of the work involved. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. With all respect. On behalf of Bronx Park C.C. Jos Gatien President


Micro Soccer (Timbits): Currently vacant All other soccer: Erica Kappy at ekappy@outlook.com


Bronx Park along with the rest of the NE district relies strictly on volunteers to fulfill the coaching needs of our teams. Coach volunteers are in high demand and are essential to the ongoing operation of the soccer programs. Coaches are provided with training from the MSA and are required to undergo child abuse registry checks prior to the start of the season. All costs are covered by Bronx Anyone interested in volunteering can indicate their intentions during registration our contact one of the soccer conveners for more information. WINNIPEG YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATON (WYSA)

WYSA provides the recommended guidelines for how clubs run their programs. There is a Long Term Player Development (LTPD) plan in place and all clubs in the district and city are at various stages of implementing this. The following is from the WYSA with adaptions as per the North East District.

At Bronx, we promote equal play in all ages under 10. Please understand that coaches have many responsibilities and do their best to provide equal time, and shift lengths vary for numerous reasons, often out of the control of the coach. Occasionally players do not want to go on the field or are not prepared to play (shoe laces, bathroom break, etc). This provides extra challenges to a coach for tracking playing time and we ask parents to respect the difficulties in administering this. Please note that players showing up late, or missing games, do not get make up time.